Blendtolearn is a US-based eLearning and training company. It was founded in 2015. The word blendtolearn is an impression of the blended approach, which elucidates our nature of business.

Blendtolearn is an organization that serves expertise in eLearning and training. The Company helps clients to determine the best eLearning solutions that will not only enhance their employee’s knowledge but also improve performance. Blendtolearn offers the following services:

• eLearning Consultation
• eLearning Course Design and Development
• Learning Management System (LMS) consultation
• xAPI implementation Consultation

Recently, Blendtolearn became a partner of Articulate and Vyond, one is an eLearning authoring tool company, and the other is a video animated tool company. Blendtolearn is the sole distributor of both companies in Pakistan and UAE.

Blendtolearn has a wide range of clients in Pakistan, UAE and the US that includes Faysal Bank, Aga Khan Hospital, Pak Suzuki, Bank Al Falah, Aga Khan University, K-Electric, PTCL, and many more.


At Blendtolearn, our team makes sure that you are getting what expected in the first place. We’re focused on quality in the work. To get it done, we employ the very people who must have experience and creativity. Together, we will make you happy with our services and grow your business.

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Loyalty

The overall goal of blendtolearn is to understand your needs and come up with customized solutions that fill performance and increase ROI in your company. We work hard to provide you and your team with clear, concise project plans and proposals, so you have a crystal-clear view of the path forward.

Komal Samana – Business Development Manager

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