Past Workshops/Sessions

Microlearning is a Trend or Need at ATD TK (2020)

ATDTK is one of the best learning and technology conferences. At ATDTK, you will not be a passive attendee. You will be an active participant, sharing your knowledge and experience and making meaningful connections. We conducted a session on Microlearning. The session was packed. In this session, Mohammad talked about the basic concepts of Microlearning and it’s existence in the real world.

Storytelling with Vyond Dubai (2018)

Storytelling is one of the most impacful ways to deliver the message. It helps learners to understand the fundamenal concepts. We conducted a hands-on workshop in Dubai. Vyond helps you to craft your own story using simple drag and drop function. 

ATD Conference in Saudi Arabia

ATD Saudi Arabia conference is one of the legacy conferences on Learning and Development organized by Informa Middle East. Since the country is moving towards technological advancement, Saudi companies are looking for innovative ideas. Companies like Saudi Aramco are looking for creative strategies, and design thinking approaches to make in-house training more effective and quantifiable. My session was about “How to Value your eLearning course.” It’s important to know how impactful eLearning courses are when it comes to employee’s performance. Are those courses filling the knowledge or skill gaps? If not, then why we need those courses in the first place?



Pakistan Society of Training and Development (2018)

Pakistan Society of Training and Development (PSTD) is a leading training company of Pakistan. We are proud to be their training partner.  We conducted two workshops in different cities (Karachi and Lahore). These workshops were focused on introducing fundamental concepts of eLearning and getting started with Articulate Storyline 360. The participants were from corporate and banking sectors.

ATD Baton Rouge (2018)

Our CEO – Mohammad Hassam was invited to present at American Training and Development (ATD) at Baton Rouge. This session was focused on describing the relationship between SMEs and Instructional Designers. Shared Tips and tricks to avoid difficult conversations and get better outcomes.

Harvard Medical University (2018)

Our CEO – Mohammad Hassam was fortunate to present at Harvard Medical University (Boston). His talk was about the relationship between SMEs and Instructional Designers. During the session, he presented the actual scenarios with tips and tricks to avoid difficult conversations and provide better solutions.